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Holiday Pride

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Holidays are often filled with excitement of warm smells of Christmas cookies baking in the oven, giving gifts to those you love, and visiting with family you have not seen all year round. But what was once met with joy, can drastically turn 180 degrees for those that had the courage to come out to their family. This experience is often met with hesitance and emotional overwhelm that can change a pleasant experience into an uncomfortable and exhausting one. Personal experiences at holiday gatherings are fraught with soft whispers and unfavorable looks from across the room that can debilitate one’s self esteem and elicit feelings of loneliness. Although you embrace and come to terms with yourself from the inside, you may struggle with the disappointment when family members don’t accept who you are or who you love. How do you overcome the whispers that linger in the room? Count to five, take a deep breath, and approach them with confidence. Understand that your efforts may be met with direct criticism, invasive remarks about your sexuality, or questions such as “When did you first know?”. People are attuned to the way in which you present yourself and how you communicate your opinion. Whether the conversation takes 15 seconds or 20 minutes, be proud of the fact that you stepped outside your comfort zone and took a decisive step toward self-acceptance. At Arcus, we understand how difficult this can be. Many use therapy services as a resource to support those navigating these uncomfortable situations. Feel free to visit our website at or contact us at (773) 250-1769 to schedule your first appointment. #HOLIDAYPRIDE

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