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Walking The Path Of Transition WIth The Support Of Transgender-Affirming Counseling and Psychotherapy

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Are you beginning or continuing the process of transitioning? Are you fed up with having to explain yourself to doctors, family, or even therapists about what it means to be transgender or gender non-binary? Are you struggling to find the courage to transition and walk the path to an authentic you? At Arcus Behavioral Health & Wellness, we are proud to work with the LGBTQ+ community, and specialize in transgender-affirming psychotherapy and counseling services.

We know what it feels like to hide a part of ourselves. When we are not quite sure if we will be accepted or understood if we allow ourselves to be seen. Transitioning is hard. It can be emotionally draining for you and your loved ones. It requires you to be vulnerable; to walk into the arena, without any armor or protection, and allow yourself to be seen, deeply seen.

And although your critics are not ones who count, we understand how challenging it can be to walk this path alone and without professional support. We also understand how we sometimes inadvertently create our own barriers for ourselves, which can get in the way of our happiness and building connection with others. If you are starting your transition or have already transitioned and are struggling with some of the residual difficulties, book an appointment or call us today to learn how we can work to help you pre and post-transition.

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Arcus Behavioral Health And Wellness | Transgender-affirming Psychotherapy and Counseling Services in Chicago, Illinois

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