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Get On The Right Path In Your Relationship With Couples Therapy And Counseling

Have you found you and your partner having the same argument over and over again? Are you both considering or experiencing a life transition such as marriage, having children, or changing careers? Are you on "cruise control" in your marriage and would you like to have a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship with your spouse?


We believe that just about every relationship could benefit with from good couple's therapy. At the core of every successful and happy relationship is a solid friendship. The foundations of this friendship is based on trust and commitment. At Arcus Behavioral Health & Wellness, we make it our first priority to holistically assess the quality of your relationship and friendship, both in your areas of growth as well as your specific strengths. Utilizing this assessment, feedback from recorded video sessions of your conflicts, and a treatment plan tailored to the needs and strengths, we help couples improve the quality of their communication, the impact of conflict, strengthen their friendship, and get on a better trajectory in relationship satisfaction.

We have been trained in various models of couple's therapy, including the Gottman method. The Gottman approach is based on four decades of research and literature on what makes couples divorce, stay together, or have rewarding relationships.  Take a look at the video below for a glance on where some couples get stuck. Let us work to help you and your partner develop a new appreciation for your relationship. Book an appointment online today!

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Ambivalent About Your Relationship?

Relationship ambivalence, not being invested in the relationship or even actively taking steps to leave one, is unfortunately a common experience for many couples. However, maintaining the status quo in your unhappy relationship is probably one of worst decisions you could make for your long-term happiness. The research is very clear: having a positive, intimate relationship is the secret to living a happy life; not fame, not money, and not things. Let Arcus Behavioral Health & Wellness help you and your partner move out of ambivalence and emotional purgatory and either fully invest or divest from one of the most important and consequential relationships you will have in your life. 

Arcus Behavioral Health | Couples Counseling and Therapy in Chicago, Illinois

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