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Help Us Fulfill Our Mission And Donate

Our Mission

To empower people to improve their socio-emotional well-being through compassion, counseling, psychotherapy, and community education.

Our Vision

To improve connection and well-being for our clients and community.

We would be honored if you would consider making a tax-deductible donation to Arcus Behavioral Health & Wellness, a 501(c)3 community mental health organization. The pandemic has had a very significant impact on our community; isolation, losing employment, insurance, or even loved ones to COVID-19. Our clients have needed support more than ever before and we have had to work hard to make sure that no one lost their therapist just because they lost their insurance.


Initially in 2020, we utilized the PPP loan to underwrite the cost of services directly to our clients and families. In 2021, using grants including from Chicago Foundation for Women and donations, we have continued to subsidize our clients so that they can access and afford high quality mental health care without passing the costs on to our employees, which often results in nonprofit burnout and high turnover.

Of our 455 clients and families we have seen in 2021, over 40% of them have received some form of support from us either through direct subsidy or writing off their balances. Our clients include under-insured (high deductible insurance plans) as well as uninsured (including individuals and families who are ineligible for Medicare or Medicaid). Over 30% of our clients are ethnic/cultural minorities and 40% of our clients also identify as LGBTQ.

We believe health care is a human right, which includes access to high quality mental health care. Your support today will help us continue our mission. A donation of $100, for example, can underwrite the costs of of client and bring their fee down to $35 per session for 10 sessions. A donation of $300 can help family assess services for just $20 a session for 10 sessions or even help them pay for a full battery of psychological testing, which may be needed for diagnostic clarification, including to gain access to certain psychiatric medications.


We really appreciate your time and support!

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