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Begin Your Path To Wellness

Arcus Behavioral Health & Wellness uses a variety of empirically-validated assessments and instruments to identify how your core strengths can help you on your path to well-being. In addition, we provide more traditional psychological testing to assist in diagnostic clarification, such as identifying underlying challenges, academic or work difficulties, patterns in your personality, and/or other factors that can impact your progress.

Psychological testing can be administered to children, adolescents, and adults for :

Diagnostic Clarification

Learning Disorders/Differences

Personality and Socioemotional Assessment

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Intellectual and Achievement Functioning

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Personalized, Holistic Care

We tailor our 'interventions' through a holistic understanding of your goals, signature strengths, personality, and areas of growth for you as an individual and in your relationships with others. We tend not to subscribe to a "one shoe fits all" approach to ensure your experience is effective and rewarding. With that said, we have been trained in a variety of evidence-based approaches to therapy and counseling. Below are some of theories and models that may draw from during our clinical work. 

Therapeutic Services We Offer

Adult Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling

Child/Adolescent Psychotherapy/Counseling

Couple's Therapy

Family Therapy

Group Therapy

Arcus Behavioral Health and Wellness | Psychotherapist in Chicago, Illinois

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