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Feeling anxious about the Coronavirus?

We are living in some pretty crazy times with the news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Not only have we all been supporting our clients with increased anxiety related to COVID-19, but as a team (and fellow humans) we have our own concerns and fears. I came across this article recently and I think it does a really great job at identifying some reasonable as well as some measurable things we can all do to manage our anxiety about COVID-19.

What particularly resonated with me is the recommendation of limiting our time and efforts in reading about Coronavirus, which can include news articles, social media, and other mediums that can really have diminishing returns on its value but a lasting effect on our rumination and mental well-being. Having a space to explore and identify how we may be adding or exacerbating our own anxiety is also helpful. Our team at ABHW is ready to support you.

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